In this chapter we are going to discuss the following topics with examples.


Coding & Decoding



Problems in this section consist of a coded word followed by a question. You have to find the logic used in that code and apply the same logic to the given word.

Coding & Decoding

Alphabet Numbers

Opposite Letters

Sample Coding

Sample Pattern

When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us

Alexander Graham Bell


1. In certain language BEAUTY is coded as DGCWVA, how is UGLINESS coded in that language?

a) WINKPGUU        b) WINLQUVW           c) UGNKPUGK            d) UGKPUUGL

Answer : a) WINKPGUU

Explanation: Add 2 letters(U+2 =W, G+2=I,L+2=N, I+2=K etc…)

2. If white is called blue, blue is called red, red is called yellow, yellow is called green, green is called black, black is called violet and violet is called orange, what would be the color of human blood?

a) Yellow        b)Red           c)Blue    d)None of these

Answer : Yellow

Explanation: Originally color of Human blood is Red. Here Red is code as Yellow.

3.  If “tee see pee”, means “drink fruit juice”. “see kee lee”, means “juice is sweet” and “lee ree mee” means “he is intelligent”, which word in that language means “sweet”?

Answer : kee

Explanation: Juice –see, is – lee , sweet – kee

4. In a certain code language, ‘tell them young’ means ‘ke la pa’‘wise young sharp tell’ means ‘na pa kup ke’

‘bring clever young them’ means ‘se to pa la’ ‘clever sharp young tomorrow’ means ‘to kup pa jo’


  1. What is the code for ‘sharp’?
  2. What does ‘to’ stand for?
  3. What is the code for ‘tell tomorrow’?
  4. What is the code for ‘clever young girl’ ?


Answers :

  1. kup
  2. clever
  3. ke jo
  4. to pa xx



Compare the code and English word in each sentence. For question no four, “girl” is not given in the statement. So you have to choose a new code.

Thus in this post we learned about the concepts of coding & decoding and tips to crack logic used.

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