Practice exercise on Conclusion type questions.

Directions for Q1 to Q20:

In each question below is given a statement followed by 2 conclusions numbered I & II. You have to assume everything in the statement to be true, then consider the two conclusions together and decide which of them logically follows beyond a reasonable doubt from the information given in the statement. Give answer.

  1. If only conclusion I follows
  2. If only conclusion II follows
  3. If either I or II follows
  4. If neither I nor II follows
  5. If both I and II follow


1. Statement

Although we have rating agencies like Crisil, ICRA, there is demand to have a separate rating agency of IT companies to protect investors.


  1. Assessment of financial worth of IT companies calls for separate, set of skills, insight and competencies.
  2. Now the investors investing in IT companies will get protection of their investment.


2. Statement

Company ‘Y’ will improve the manufacturing facilities for the production of shaving kits as a result of which capacity would increase and cost would be reduced. – A spokesperson of the company ‘Y’.


  1. The products of company ‘Y’ will compete the market norms in the quality and cost factor.
  2. There will be demand of shaving kits of company ‘Y’.


3. Statement

During 1997-98 the total loss incurred by the 1 1 1 public sector units was to the tune of Rs. 6809 crores which has converted into paid capitals by the government of its total investment of Rs. 5129 crores.


  1. The government is left with only one option, that is, to privatise these units.
  2. The government did not take care in the matter of investments in these public sector units.


4. Statement

Population increase coupled with depleting resources is going to be the scenario of many developing countries in days to come.


  1. The population of developing countries will not continue to increase in future.
  2. It will be very difficult for the governments of developing countries to provide decent quality of life.


5. Statement

Mr. X is one of the probable candidates shortlisted for the post of Director of KLM Institute.


  1. Mr. X will be selected as Director of KLM Institute.
  2. Mr. X will not be selected as Director of KLM Institute.


6. Statement

The oceans are a storehouse of practically every mineral including uranium. But like most other minerals, it is found in extremely low concentration – about three gms. per 1000 tonnes of water.


  1. The oceans are a cheap source of uranium.
  2. The oceans harbour radiation hazards.


7. Statement

The minister questioned the utility of the space research programme and suggested its replacement by other areas of felt national needs.


  1. Exploring the space does not contribute to critical national needs.
  2. Research should be oriented to national needs.


 8. Statement

The laws and statutes framed by the government for the purpose of providing equal treatment to every citizen, on implementation perpetuate corrupt working system.


  1. The laws and statutes should be framed but they should not be implemented to avoid corrupt working system.
  2. There should be obvious method to investigate corrupt working system.


9. Statement

Mrs X is nominated for one of the two posts of which one post is reserved by the managing committee for the female of other religious minority community and the other for the female of scheduled castes or scheduled tribes.


  1. Mrs X is the member of religious minority community.
  2. Mrs X is the member of scheduled castes or scheduled tribes.


10. Statement

We do not need today in India extraordinary specialists but those trained ordinary doctors who are dedicated to their profession.


  1. We should promote medical profession with dedicated ordinary doctors rather than promoting high specialised medical education.
  2. Extraordinary specialists are not dedicated to their profession.


Directions (questions 11-15):

In each of the following questions, a statement or group of statement followed by some conclusion. Without resolving anything yourself, choose the conclusion which logically follows from the given statement(s)

11) Statement

 Many creative persons become artist


  1. A creative person will certainly become an artist
  2. It is not possible to become an artist without creativity
  3. A high level creativity is needed to become an Artist
  4. Some artists are creative person


12) Statement

Hitesh told Mohit a ghost lived by the peepal tree on the outskirts of the village.


  1. Peepal trees grow on the outskirts of the village.
  2. Ghosts live on peepal trees.
  3. Hitesh perhaps believed in the stories of ghosts
  4. Mohit must be afraid of ghosts.


13) Statement

All students in my class are bright. Mani is not bright.


  1. Mani must work hard
  2. Some students are not bright
  3. Mani is not a student of my class
  4. Data inadequate


14) Statement

 Most of the politicians are liars. Harish tells lies.


  1. Harish is a politician
  2. Those who do not tell lies are not politicians.
  3. Some politicians do not tell lies.
  4. You can only benefit by telling lies


15) Statement

All guilty politicians were arrested. Kishan and Chander wrong among those arrested


  1. All politicians are guilty
  2. Kishan and Chander were guilty
  3. All arrested peoples are politicians

Kishan and Chander were not politicians


1. Answer: Option A


II may be an assumption of the speaker. But certainly it is not a conclusion.

2. Answer: Option A


Improvement in the manufacturing facilities will automatically enhance the quality of its product and reduce the cost. These two things are important to compete in the market. Hence I follows. II may be an assumption but it not a conclusion.

3. Answer: Option D


Both the options are assumptions not conclusions

4. Answer: Option B


With the limited resources and overpopulation it is very hard to provide decent quality of life. Hence II follows.

5. Answer: Option C


As Mr. X is one of the candidates for the post of director, he will either be selected or rejected.

6. Answer: Option D


Both the options are not the premises to make the given conclusion valid.

7. Answer: Option D


Both the options are not the premises to make the given conclusion valid.

8. Answer: Option D


Both the options are not the premises to make the given conclusion valid.

9. Answer: Option C


As Mrs. X is nominated for one of the two posts, she will either be the managing committee for the female of other religious minority community or  the female of scheduled castes or scheduled tribes.

10. Answer: Option A


Conclusion I supports the statement. Hence, A.

11) Answer: Option D

12) Answer: Option C

13) Answer: Option C

14) Answer: Option C

15) Answer: Option B